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A balanced classic experience makes XworlD the place to be for players all around the world. The unique system of hunting and fighting is your way to build yourself to the top. Are you ready? *Released 31 August 2017*

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  • 37178
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  • 27801
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    War of War In XworlD

    WHAT IS XworlD

    European server based on Conquer 1.0. Although our initial structure is set on 1.0
    We have done our best to add our own custom additions and keep the server as interesting as possible over the duration of its lifespan.

    I won't lie, if you are looking for an easy server you should look elsewhere. This is purely for people looking to regain that old, classic; "nostalgia" feeling. This is a server for people with skill, where a little hard work goes a long way.

    Enjoy a old classic experience with our unique PVP/PVE system

    Conquer Online Server

    Best AutoPatch

    The first classic game AutoPatch multi-use and fast registration and other features

    Conquer Online Server

    17 style TwinCity

    New You can change the 17 style TwinCity between one-click style

    Conquer Online Server

    • PVP

      Enjoy All classes, items, and spells are fully implemented, tested and work exactly same as it was in official Conquer 2004-2005.…

    • QUESTS

      Join hundreds of unique and daily quests which help you level up and improve your gears.…

    • EVENTS

      Take part in both solo and team events such as Guild War, Death Match, Flag War, PK Tournaments, SS/FB, Elite PK, Dragons Team, etc.…

    Custom Event

    Challenge with hundreds of HEROES to keep your glory safe